CRS Ingeniería applies this methodology to improve knowledge of dispersion of elements due to different phenomena. Use of specialized software allows a statistical treatment and a complete and detailed geostatistical procedure. This methodology is applied in activities related to mining exploration, planning, environment, geochemistry and risk analysis of the different activities, providing a high added value to the data analysis.


In the field of geology and mining:


  • Data analysis and geological interpretation

  • Evaluation of resources and mineral reserves

  • Planning new research campaigns

  • Optimal block modelling explotation

  • Mine limit demarcation

  • Mining planning


In the field of environment:


  • Contamination cartography

  • Uncertainty analysis

  • Quantification of contamination volumes

  • Planning new campaigns

  • Decontamination planning


In the field of geochemistry it is applied to:


  • Statistical data study

  • Thematic cartography

  • Planning of research campaigns