CRS Ingeniería provides technical support in geology, mining exploration, geotechnics, hydrogeology, environmental, underground storage and waste management.


For mining sector, CRS Ingeniería offers a full range of engineering and consulting services, that covers the entire lifecycle of a project, from mining exploration work up to mining closure, including mining valuation assets, feasibility studies, open pit and underground mining projects, restoration plans and works management.


CRS Ingeniería performed geotechnical surveys adapted to the different issues raised by the customer, covering all the development phases of the study, from the in situ characterization of materials, interpretation of the results of laboratory tests, modeling using  a software specialized in the study cases and interpretation of results.


CRS Ingeniería´s technicians have taken many years developing work in the geology field such as recognition and mining exploration, permorfance of detailed mapping, structural interpretation and enhancement of geological heritage.


In both hydrology and hydrogeology fields, CRS Ingeniería performs hydrological and hydrogeological studies with insfrastructural upgrades, hydrogeological modeling for civil infrastructure works or mining projects, water management plans and landfill projects.


CRS Ingeniería also performs environmental assessment and environmental monitoring programs connected to mining explotations and projects of regeneration degraded areas. Another filed where CRS Ingeniería has an extensive experience is in multi-element geochemical prospecting for infrastructure fields, both for mining exploration and environmental characterization. Its technical team has worked for either the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME) and different regional governments and mining companies.


Other activity field of CRS Ingeniería are the projects connected with the use of underground structures, natural or artificial, for underground storage.

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