CRS INGENIERÍA Y CONSULTORÍA EN RECURSOS DEL SUBSUELO, S.L. is a 100% privately own limited and independant company.


CRS Ingeniería, specialized in the study and management of subsurface resources whose aim is to offer their clients personalized services as an independent engineering and consulting company. This technical assistance entails on-going relationship with our clients and ranges from resolving specific and urgent problems to integrated turn-key projects.


CRS Ingeniería works for both, the public and private sectors. Its clients are domestic public organizations, international companies, mining companies, cement producers, consultancies and companies connected to the energy sector (national and international).


CRS Ingeniería provides its clients technical support in geology, mining, geotechnics, hydrogeology, geostatistics, environmental issues and underground storage facilities.


In the mining sector, CRS Ingeniería offers a full range of engineering and consulting services that cover the entire lifecycle of a project, ranging from mining exploration work to mining closure, including mining valuation assets, strategic planning, open pit and underground mining projects, restoration projects and works management.


CRS Ingeniería´s corporate policy pursues continuous technical training for employees while incorporating client data and feedback concerning the real issues they face in the field, to ensure the most appropriate solution is provided at every moment. 


In order to provide greater support and assistance to our customers, CRS Ingeniería is involved in R&D+i projects and also develops its own tools for the improvement of production processes and its clients.